We have always used the most appropriate and fit-for-purpose systems to manage our business and to assist clients. Over time, we have developed standard business systems to ensure excellence in work delivery for our clients.

RADAr is a multi-disciplined, multi-area job management system that captures our proven know-how on efficiently delivering a maintenance program. The system can be applied to all types of multi-job projects across various construction and maintenance industry sectors.

RADAr is a SQL database platform system and has been developed to control the maintenance services based on Site / Location / Object / Task simple English language. The result is a system with powerful functionality and data collection capability. Built on to the data capture and work management functions are reporting tools that can be configured to meet the Client needs. This allows the Client to actively manage its work in real time.

RADAr is available for both customer and supplier use as a maintenance management system. Please send all enquires to [email protected] should you wish to discuss your operational requirements.

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Project Management

Facilities Management