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The New Standard of Facilities & Building Management in WA

At DCCM, we are leaders in delivering practical facilities management, asset management, project management, and building maintenance services in Perth and Western Australia.

Since incorporating in 2001, DCCM has built our business to be a trusted employer and delivery partner for our clients. Our strong working relationships with our team of subcontractors allow us to service the needs of a range of government and non-government entities throughout the state.

Leveraging off our asset and project management faculty, supported by the agility of our internal workflow maintenance system, RADAr, and our 24/7 call centre, and backed by over 750 onboarded subcontractors across the state, we provide:

Routine Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring your assets comply with all legislative requirements and industry standards through asset management planning and regular inspections.

Reactive Maintenance

Ensuring your assets can be utilised 24/7 by responding quickly and efficiently to any breakdowns or faults.

Emergency Response Maintenance

Ensuring your assets are safe and secure by providing 24/7 support for emergencies or disasters.

Professional Facilities Management Services

At DCCM, we are proud to set a new standard for delivering facilities management services in Western Australia. Our professional approach, depth of experience and expertise as engineers and trades-based professionals allow us to provide realistic, tailored management solutions to our clients.

We are proud of our delivery model, which ensures almost 100% local content engagement success.


DCCM provides planned and unplanned maintenance services for its clients through Western Australia; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across all WA regional and Perth metro area. DCCM is here to partner with you to develop maintenance programs to meet and exceed your objectives.


We focus on transforming your asset management strategy into action. Our asset management services have developed from our breadth of experience with facilities maintenance and are supported by asset management specialists.


DCCM has an experienced and dedicated engineer-led project management team that supports our client’s project programs, offering locally-managed bespoke solutions to large projects across Perth and regional Western Australia.

Building Audits
& Inspections

DCCM partners with your business to help you to effectively manage buildings and assets. We offer consistent and tailored management support to assist you throughout the entire lifecycle of your property.


DCCM has an enduring legacy of providing professional facilities management services to our clients. We take pride in investing in our team, who effectively plan and deliver trusted building maintenance programs.

A New Standard of
Facilities Management in WA

Your Partner in Facilities Management


DCCM prides itself on remaining agile in its response, maintaining a high level of transparency, auditability, and accountability, and conducting operations with integrity at all times. With our flexible approach and unwavering client focus, we deliver optimal facilities management on time and within budget.


DCCM prides itself on its no-compromise approach to maintaining the health and well-being of our team, clients, subcontractors, and the local community. Backed by our ISO accreditation for Safety, Quality and Environment and led by our strong sense of advocacy, we are setting a new standard of responsibility for facilities management in Western Australia.


The foundation of DCCM's facilities management success and longevity lies within its relationships with its team of local subcontractors. Having onboarded over 750 suppliers and subcontractors over 20 years and boasting an 8.44% First Nations subcontract spend in FY23, we ensure that local content is maximised. At DCCM, your success is our success.


At DCCM, we take an engineering, project management approach, with strategies built upon a foundation of planned delivery, and reactive facilities maintenance. We're dedicated to enabling our clients to make educated and informed decisions to achieve excellence in managing their properties and projects.

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