Our core values create the foundation upon which our business operates

We say what we do and we do what we say

Since DCCM’s inception is 2001, our success has been underpinned by open communication with our clients and contractors and active management of our operations to ensure timely, safe and quality delivery of project and maintenance works.

We conduct our business with honesty and integrity

Honest and integrity are central to establishing and strengthening our relationships with our clients and contractors.

We exist for our clients and the community

DCCM boasts an active subcontractor base of over 200 contractors and suppliers through Western Australia. This extends across all WA regional areas including the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, South-West and Goldfields. Through our work, we support local communities and businesses and regularly donate a fixed percentage of our profit to charities or worthy causes.

We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion will help shape a better world

DCCM’s people are what sets us apart. We seek to provide our services with people that are representative of the communities we work in. We strive for a team that reflects a diverse society in consideration of culture, gender, age, sexual orientation and ability.
We seek to create and maintain a safe and inclusive work environment for our clients, contractors and personnel.
We are passionate about genuine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement and participation and boast a Subcontractor base comprising 10% First-Nations owned and operated businesses.